About Us

This website has been developed to provide a single source of data for all registered Icleandic Sheep in the entire North American flock.

The system currently contains detailed genealogical information about 17,000 registered animals, over 1,200 color photos and over 10.4 million detailed records on the genealogical relationships between each and every animal that has ever been registered with the CLRC.

This is the only source of photographic pedigrees for registered Icelandic Sheep anywhere on the internet and as far as we are aware, the only website that will allow the detailed research into pedigrees and relationships in a easy to use - and free - website.

One of our primary goals with this system is to collect as many photos as possible to provide a permanent visual history of as many registered sheep as possible. Every photo that we catalog becomes an invaluable piece of important history for current and future Icelandic Sheep breeders to use when researching the backgrounds and possibly even help in making future breeding decisions based on this easy to use and access information.

This website has been developed by E.J. Brennan of Berkshire Technologies, Inc.