ICELAND EWE WHITE 159Z has the following 2 ancestors.

Name% BloodPCSexBirth DateOwnerBreederAI SirePhoto
HERMANN 1026-0350.00 %FM   
GLOD 1026-1350.00 %MF   

PC - stands for Pedigree Code, where 'F' is father, and 'M' is mother. So for example, 'FMFM' would the subject animals Father's, Mother's, Father's, Mother...and so on.

% Blood: - shows the percent contribution each ancestor animal had to the subject animals genetics. The numbers will total to 100% within each generation (i.e. the father and mother will each have 50%, the 4 grandparents will each be 25%, the 8 great-grandparents 12.5% each etc. When viewing the data without the Pedigree Code Detail, each ancestor will be listed only one time, and the total contribution that ancestor made to the subject animals genetics will be displayed instead.