Account Registration

In order to create your free account, and gain access to all the system features, you will need:

  • Your CLRC Breeder Member Number - the account can't be created without this number.
  • A valid email address, preferably the same one on file at the CLRC.

If you are the registered owner, or breeder of at least one sheep registered with the CLRC, then a Member ID should have already been created for you. The Member Id can be found on the animal registration forms where you are listed as the owner. Alternatively you can go to the CLRC website and lookup that information yourself - just make sure you get your MEMBER ID, not the id number of one of your sheep.

If you have your CLRC Member Number AND if your current email address matches the one on file with the CLRC, then we can get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

If you no longer have access to the email address registered with the CLRC or the CLRC does not have any email address for you, then you will need to contact us for assistance - we will still get you up and running, but it will upto a couple of days to manually create an account for you.

Please enter the information below, if the ID and email address matches what is already on file, we will create an account instantly. If it doesn't match, the information will be sent for review and a manual setup if possible.

CLRC Member #:  
Email Address