Imported from Iceland - Round 1

This list containst the original 11 animals imported from Iceland in the Fall of 1984 by Stephania

NameSexBirth DateOwnerBreederAI SirePhoto
ICELAND EWE 00068F05/01/1984Yeoman FarmBakkakoti Farm
ICELAND EWE 0222F05/01/1984Yeoman FarmBakkakoti Farm
ICELAND EWE 0350F05/01/1984Yeoman FarmBakkakoti Farm
ICELAND EWE 108F05/01/1984Yeoman FarmPykkvibaer Farm
ICELAND EWE 453F05/01/1984Yeoman FarmSeglbuoir Farm
ICELAND EWE KL 43F05/01/1984Yeoman FarmKirkjubaejarklaustri Farm
ICELAND EWE LV 400F05/01/1984Yeoman FarmKirkjubaejarklaustri Farm
ICELAND EWE LV 403F05/01/1984Yeoman FarmKirkjubaejarklaustri Farm
ICELAND EWE LV 423F05/01/1984Yeoman FarmKirkjubaejarklaustri Farm
ICELAND EWE SOL 42F05/01/1984Yeoman FarmKirkjubaejarklaustri Farm
ICELAND RAM 830M05/01/1984Yeoman FarmHunkubakkar Farm
ICELAND RAM LV 723M05/01/1984Yeoman FarmKirkjubaejarklaustri Farm

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