Southram AI Sires

A list of all Animals that are classified as AI Sires; i.e. those animals for whom straws of semen where made available for use in the North American flock. I have only included animals on this list if their straws were actually used, and resulted in at least one registered offspring.

NameSexBirth DateOwnerBreederAI SirePhoto
ABEL 00890M   
ABOTI 02893M   
AEGIR 01916M   
ALADIN 00917M   
ALFUR 03960M   
ARFI 99873M   
ARI 91969M   
AS 88-096M   
ASKUR 85-444M   
ASKUR 93992M   
ASKUR 97835M   
AUSTRI 98831M   
BALDI 1026-05M   
BAMBI 95829M   
BASSI 95821M   
BESSI 99851M   
BIFUR 06994M   
BJALFI 95802M   
BJALKI 06995M   
BLAEVAR 90974M   
BLESI 98884M   
BODDI 1026-06M   
BOLLI 88-095M   
BRUNI 93988M   
BURI 94806M   
BUTUR 93982M   
DALUR 97838M   
DENNI 84-578M   
DIMON 01932M   
DOKKVI 07809M   
DREITILL 00891M   
DROPI 06998M   
DROPI 91975M   
EIR 00881M   
EIR 96840M   
ELDAR 01922M   
ERPUR 01919M   
FALDUR 92990M   
FALUR 03980M   
FANNAR 86-496M   
FANTUR 89-463M   
FENGUR 97863M   
FIFILL 1026-01M   
FLEKKUR 89965M   
FLOTTI 98850M   
GADDUR 04950M   
GARPUR 04815M   
GAUKUR 326-11M   

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