Prolific Breeder - Ewes

Animals on this list are ewes that have given birth to at least 12 registered offspring.

NameSexBirth DateOwnerBreederAI SirePhoto
AIHMRRPRESTUREWEB5SP556NF03/03/2003Leonard & Sarah Jane Servinski (MH)Hawks Mountain Ranch (HMRR)
AVALON ATHENA 4FF04/15/1996Priscilla Meinholz (PAM)Linda Routhier
EDEN 8NF04/18/2003Benjamin Steele (CTF)Tom Golding
ENGEL EWE B4H 100MF04/22/2002Terri Carlson (RBR)Marie Engel
FRELSI AI EWE B2SP 531TF04/21/2007Elaine E Clark (FFC)Elaine E Clark (FFC)
FRELSI EWE B3H 013GF06/02/1997Charlene Barkus (DCI)Elaine E Clark (FFC)
FRELSI EWE B5SP 588UF03/31/2008Thomas Geppel (HNDS)Elaine E Clark (FFC)
FRELSI EWE M2P 044JF04/14/1999Elaine E Clark (FFC)Elaine E Clark (FFC)
FRELSI EWE M5H 310NF03/31/2003Elaine E Clark (FFC)Elaine E Clark (FFC)
HAWKS MTN EWEMRT/BADG17HF03/19/1998Hawks Mountain Ranch (HMRR)Hawks Mountain Ranch (HMRR)
HMRR MRT MFLN EWEM4H356LF05/21/2001David A Nelson (SSW)Hawks Mountain Ranch (HMRR)
HOLST STN EWE B2SP 38SF04/10/2006Levi & Kristine Maltby (CHR)Noel Carlson (HST)
ICELAND BLACK/WHITE 150ZF05/04/1990Yeoman FarmVidihlid
ICELAND EWE BLACK 125ZF05/02/1990David & Nancy PeaseGisli Jonsson
ICELAND EWE BLACK 129ZF05/11/1990Syd CooperRagnheidur Magnusdottir
ICELAND EWE BLACK 168ZF05/05/1990Yeoman FarmSvinafell I
ICELAND EWE BLACK 177ZF05/06/1990Yeoman FarmRagnheidur Magnusdottir
ICELAND EWE GRAY 140ZF05/08/1990Yeoman FarmOrn Bergsson
ICELAND EWE MOORIT 164ZF05/15/1990Yeoman FarmOrn Bergsson
ICELAND EWE WHITE 186ZF05/21/1990Priscilla Meinholz (PAM)Orn Bergsson
ICELAND EWE WHITE 187ZF05/05/1990Priscilla Meinholz (PAM)Vidihlid
JAGER AI EWE B5P 120KF03/30/2000Alan & Janet Leighton (TCE)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER AI EWE M5H 127KF03/31/2000Laurie Ball-Gisch (LF)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE 01H 367LF04/28/2001Alan & Janet Leighton (TCE)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE 01H 642NF04/25/2003Drs. Roy & Robin Kerlin (AUS)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE 01H 723PF04/01/2004Elaine E Clark (FFC)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE 01P 949SF04/25/2006David Grote (WPW)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE B2P 54GF04/15/1997Barbara L Webb (BLW)Yeoman Farm
JAGER EWE HYSSOP 039FF05/08/1996Jordandal Farm (JDDL)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE M5P 053GF04/15/1997Janice Jenkins (JA)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE MOORIT 35EF04/23/1995Janice Jenkins (JA)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE O1 95GF04/29/1997Frances Smith & Wendy Fast (HWF)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE O1H 47GF04/12/1997Laurie Ball-Gisch (LF)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE WHITE 15CF04/24/1993Debra Ames-Kimball (DRK)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JAGER EWE WT HRN 07FF04/12/1996Barbara L Webb (BLW)Barbara L Webb (BLW)
JORDANDAL FENA 100RF03/11/2005Heartbreak Farm (JWT)Jordandal Farm (JDDL)
JORDANDAL GRETTA 113RF03/26/2005Heartbreak Farm (JWT)Jordandal Farm (JDDL)
JORDANDAL STELLA 102RF03/13/2005Eric David Rehn (FNTC)Jordandal Farm (JDDL)
KIMBALL SP BLACK EWE 05FF04/03/1996George & Olga EliasonDebra Ames-Kimball (DRK)
KLING JBK AUGUSTA M3P 1KF04/29/2000Barbara & John Kling (JBK)Barbara & John Kling (JBK)
LEAN-HORNE DCI B5H 6PF04/23/2004Chad & Trisha DeShano (CWD)Charlene Barkus (DCI)
LF AI EWE 01H 96RF03/28/2005Laurie Ball-Gisch (LF)Laurie Ball-Gisch (LF)
LF EWE 01H 124RF04/16/2005Nicole Willis (PEEP)Laurie Ball-Gisch (LF)
LF EWE 01H 1MF03/16/2002Laurie Ball-Gisch (LF)Laurie Ball-Gisch (LF)
LF EWE B5H 3LF05/01/2001Martha Favre (FAV)Rex Mongold & Susan Mongold Briggs
LVR EWE B5P 32NF04/08/2003Cascade Meadows Farm (CMX)Leveque Ranch (LVR)
MIF EWE B5PS 251JF04/14/1999Elaine E Clark (FFC)Marcy Moffet
MISTY MEADOW EWEB4HS116PF05/16/2004Thomas McDowell (TKM)Thomas McDowell (TKM)
PCF MOORIT ANNIE 502HF04/27/1998Chanson Du Soir Farm (CAMS)Pinecroft
SESAME 5GF04/03/1997Jordandal Farm (JDDL)Marsha Parker

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