Photographic Pedigree 100% Complete

Animals on this list have all 15 photographs necessary to complete a 3 generation photographic pedigree. This is an exclusive club! and we hope more are added soon.

NameSexBirth DateOwnerBreederAI SirePhoto
ASCH II ALBERT M5H 25DM04/17/2016Asch Valley Sheep (ASC)Asch Valley Sheep (ASC)
PEEP EWE 01H 106DF05/02/2016Nicole Willis (PEEP)Nicole Willis (PEEP)
RHS EWE DAISY B5SP 18ZF04/07/2012Rams Head Station LLC (RHS)Rams Head Station LLC (RHS)
WPW EWE 01P MILLIE 39WF07/09/2009David Grote (WPW)David Grote (WPW)
WPW EWE B3P GUDRUN 83YF04/26/2011David Grote (WPW)David Grote (WPW)

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