Photographic Pedigrees 66% Complete

Animals on this list are close to completing their 3 generation phtographic pedigree. It takes 15 pictures to be 100%, animals on this list have at least 2/3's of the photo's needed, so at least 10 pictures. With a bit of luck, and some research, these anoimals could be moved into one of the higher categories.

NameSexBirth DateOwnerBreederAI SirePhoto
ADDY 006DF04/19/2016Kristin Boland (KCB)Kristin Boland (KCB)
ALX FELICITE M2H 11AF04/22/2013Adam & Rebecca Alexander (ALX)Adam & Rebecca Alexander (ALX)
ALX LAELIA M2H 12AF04/22/2013Adam & Rebecca Alexander (ALX)Adam & Rebecca Alexander (ALX)
ARDOISE EWE 01H 93176XF05/12/2010Gabriel Fontaine & Eve-Marie Arcand (ARD)Gabriel Fontaine & Eve-Marie Arcand (ARD)
ASCH II CAMILLA M5H 5ZF04/13/2012Asch Valley Sheep (ASC)David A Nelson (SSW)
ASCH II JOCELYN M5H 6ZF04/21/2012Asch Valley Sheep (ASC)David A Nelson (SSW)
ASCH II JULES M5H 7ZF04/21/2012Asch Valley Sheep (ASC)David A Nelson (SSW)
BBK EWE 01H 01XF04/01/2010Michelle Hodder (BBK)Michelle Hodder (BBK)
BBK EWE B5H 05XF05/25/2010Michelle Hodder (BBK)Michelle Hodder (BBK)
BBK RAM B2H 04XM04/24/2010Michelle Hodder (BBK)Michelle Hodder (BBK)
BDO EWE B2O 22BF04/26/2014Morgan & Michael Kemble (FSN)Brianna & Doug Schneider (BDO)
BDO EWE CAITY B2P 35CF04/29/2015Brianna & Doug Schneider (BDO)Brianna & Doug Schneider (BDO)
BDO RAM OLLIE B5P 7ZM04/09/2012Krista Harrington (LANE)Brianna & Doug Schneider (BDO)
BEAUTY 005AF06/27/2013Eagle Mountain Icelandics (EMI)Eagle Mountain Icelandics (EMI)
BELLE 003AF04/20/2013Eagle Mountain Icelandics (EMI)Eagle Mountain Icelandics (EMI)
BJORK 4CF04/21/2015Ronald D Larson (DI)Ronald D Larson (DI)
BJORN 02ZM05/15/2012Thomas W & Debra R King (SCI)Thomas W & Debra R King (SCI)
BORGRUN 5CF04/21/2015Ronald D Larson (DI)Ronald D Larson (DI)
BSFC EWE BRUNHILD 016DF03/25/2016Dawn Nicholson (MSC)Bountiful Springs Farm (BSFC)
BSFC RAM M5H 021DM03/25/2016Heather Hettick (MNS)Bountiful Springs Farm (BSFC)
BUSH SJB EWE 01P 18NF05/23/2003Jeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)Jeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)
BUSH SJB EWE B2P 04LF04/26/2001Halle Reed Jeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)
BUSH SJB EWE B2SP 18MF05/12/2002Jeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)Jeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)
BUSH SJB EWE B5P 07PF04/28/2004Jeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)Jeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)
BUSH SJB EWE B5SP 03SF04/30/2006Jeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)Jeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)
BUSH SJB EWE M5SP 4KF04/24/2000Philip & Sarah SelbyJeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)
BUSH SJB RAM B2P 16MM05/10/2002Andrew Munkres & Kristin BoltonJeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)
BUSH SJB RAM B5SP 07JM05/26/1999Wayne Barr (WAE)Jeff & Sandy Bush (SJB)
BUTTERFLY 004AF04/20/2013Eagle Mountain Icelandics (EMI)Eagle Mountain Icelandics (EMI)
BWI EWE 060UF05/18/2008Weir River Farm Carolyn Kurela
BWI EWE 069UF05/30/2008Dan Kurela (BWI)Carolyn Kurela
BWI EWE 070UF05/30/2008Weir River Farm Carolyn Kurela
BWT AURA EM2P 070AF04/17/2013Lorry McDonald (BWT)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT BILBO RBSP 80BM04/13/2014Lorry McDonald (BWT)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT CABEL RBSP 084CM04/08/2015Lorry McDonald (BWT)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT CHANDRA E01H 085CF04/18/2015Asch Valley Sheep (ASC)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT WALLACE R B31P 34WM04/23/2009Lorry McDonald (BWT)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT WENDY E 01P 28WF04/21/2009Lorry McDonald (BWT)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT WILLA E B5P 20WF04/23/2009Lorry McDonald (BWT)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT WINGDING E B3P 23WF04/14/2009Lorry McDonald (BWT)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT WISTERIA E M5P 30WF04/09/2009Bonnie Wong (LUV)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT XANETTE EM4P 40XF04/11/2010Lorry McDonald (BWT)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT XTIGGER EMSP 37XF04/11/2010Lorry McDonald (BWT)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
BWT ZANZABAR RAM M2P 55ZM04/19/2012Lorry McDonald (BWT)Lorry McDonald (BWT)
CB FENNEL EWE B2H 0022ZF04/17/2012Ellyn Hutson & Roger Twitchell (CB)Ellyn Hutson & Roger Twitchell (CB)
CB SNOWBERRY B2H 0028ZF04/27/2012Belinksy Farms, LLC (BFFL)Ellyn Hutson & Roger Twitchell (CB)
CB WILLOW EWE M2H 0029ZF04/27/2012Kina Lundgren (KINA)Ellyn Hutson & Roger Twitchell (CB)
CBI EWE B2SH 73BF04/06/2014Elaine E Clark (FFC)Jeff & Colleen Schmidt (CBI)
CBI EWE B4H 15UF04/22/2008Rhonda Clower (FCI)Jeff & Colleen Schmidt (CBI)
CBI EWE B4H 4TF04/01/2007Jeff & Colleen Schmidt (CBI)Laurie Ball-Gisch (LF)

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